Ways to Cease A strong Addiction To Painkillers: Your Cautionary Saga

I’m a 28-year-old male, residing in Vancouver BC, Canada. I tried my first Percocet about 2 years ago. Realizing that I’ve got an addictive personality, I stayed away from them for years, when plenty of my friends were doing them. I was virtually hooked after that first one.

I began doing them just on weekends at first. Then I began doing them during the week at work, I moved around doing them everyday pretty quickly. I was doing about 6 a day for quite a few months and I was just maintaining my habit. I was able to function just fine, I even wound up getting a promotion at my work. During the time I felt like Percs helped me put for the reason that extra effort, which led me to my promotion. I was feeling very good about this and was making a lot more money. So I began eating more and more Percs.

I was doing about 15 a day everyday for quite awhile, and at typically 5-6 dollars a Perc, it was starting to include up a lot financially. So, I began buying Oxys because they were cheaper and I wouldn’t need certainly to take nearly as numerous pills. I could buy one Oxy 80 for $40 and it was like having 16 Percs. So I began breaking them up into quarter pieces and eating them through the day. But quickly enough one 80 wasn’t enough and I began doing 2 80’s a day.

I didn’t understand how bad my addiction was becoming, everything in my life had turn into a blur, I wasn’t motivated to complete anything anymore, I wasn’t performing at work, my relationship with my girlfriend of 7 years was beginning to deteriorate. I just lived for Oxycontin, it’s what I’d consider before bed and when I got up in the morning. If for whatever reason, I didn’t have any for first thing in the morning, I’d need certainly to go acquire some before I visited work.

I wound up getting fired from my managerial job, if you are late and not performing at my work. I blew through all my savings within two months, virtually all on Oxy’s. Next I borrowed money from friends and fronted as much pills off my dealers that they would allow so I could support my habit codeine cough syrup. I’d hit rock bottom, I had to offer off all my furniture and car to pay off money I owed and I moved back to my parents house. Your day I moved back I made up my mind: I had to quit.

I didn’t want to attend rehab, so I did some research online and all I could find about quitting opiates was virtually, to take some Valiums and sleep it off. So that’s what I did, I got some Valium and quit the next morning. That first day was hell, I had the worst back pains and my stomach was extremely upset. The following day was exactly the same, just a small bit better. The next day was somewhat better, but I still couldn’t function properly. I was starting to think maybe I couldn’t do this.

My best friend from high school came over to see me and he brought me some herbal pills. He had been doing some research into herbal remedies for this issue, since it’s such a serious problem in Vancouver and he had been tinkering with the drug himself and could see how extremely addictive it was.

I tried them and within 30 minutes, I felt instantly better! It was really amazing just how much better I felt! We actually sought out for a mouthful to eat, it was my first-time out of the house in 3 days. The following day I got up in the morning and popped a couple of herbal pills and went about my day. I was finally free of my addiction to prescription pain killers. I asked him the thing that was in them and he listed off about 10 ingredients, the only one’s I’d been aware of were St. Johns Wort and Panax Ginseng

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