4 Food Items Which You Can Feed to Your King Charles Spaniel

Are you planning to buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel soon? If you do, then you need to have a clear idea about the type of food items which you can feed him to ensure that he is in good shape. Here are some of the food items which you can feed to your puppy-

Nature’s Variety Instinct

This variety of dog food has been specifically created for small dogs. It includes a wholesome blend of ingredients which are biologically appropriate for King Charles. Free from colors, flavors and artificial preservatives, it is gluten free and grain free and contains no corn, soy or wheat. The presence of added vitamins and minerals makes it a convenient option for ensuring that your pet stays healthy and fit. This dog food is also rich in antioxidant which helps in boosting the dog’s immunity system.

Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food Small Breed

This is a wholesome blend of all major ingredients which are necessary for the well-being of your precious pet. It doesn’t contain wheat, which is known to be an allergen for cavalier king charles spaniel puppies. Manufactured using USDA inspected ingredients, it contains calcium which can help in strengthening the bones of your pet and chicory root for reducing risk of worms. The presence of salmon oil in it will help your pet to get a shiny coat.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free

Produced keeping the overall health and well-being of small dogs in mind, this dog food is completely grain free and will meet all nutritional requirements of your pet. It is also free from wheat, meat by products, corn, artificial colors, preservatives and soy. If you are in search of protein rich dog food made from premium quality of chicken and turkey, then this is an ideal option. It will fulfill the energy needs of your dog perfectly. It is also rich in minerals, vitamins, Omega 3 and 6 for ensuring a healthy immune system.

Blue Buffalo Basics Small Breed Adult Turkey & Potato Formula

This dog food is meant for King Charles puppies which have a sensitive stomach. It is rich in exclusive ingredients and is free from all types of food allergens. It helps in reducing the risks of food allergies in your pet and offers antioxidants necessary for improving the immune system. The presence of higher level of protein helps in satisfying the energy level of small dogs.

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