How Can Lottery Long-Shots Improve Your Chances?

Around the world, serious lottery players are searching for lottery number patterns that will provide them an advantage. There’s one such lottery strategy that’s proven to supply them an edge. It utilizes lottery number patterns that exist in most lotteries. They are called Longshots.

If you never know very well what Longshots are, we’ll start with some history and a definition. A couple of years back there is a lottery strategy that became rather popular that, for not enough an improved name, we’ll call the Hot Number Strategy. Alongside it came the conventional marketing hype that you’d expect. The pitch went something similar to this:

Since over 80 of most winning lottery numbers Hit within the last 10 drawings, create your play list from the winners in the last 10 drawings. This can raise your chances of winning the lottery.

Initially, it sounds plausible enough. But, let’s think about this. Implicit in this strategy is the contrary side of the coin. Any lottery numbers that haven’t Hit in the last 10 drawings are considered a fairly dubious pick. Hence, these lottery numbers were named Longshots. The name persists even today and I even use it. But, I don’t malign the utilization of Longshots. In fact, I applaud them. Including Longshots in a play list is a complete necessity for just about any viable lottery strategy.

For all of those lottery players who got trapped in the Hot Number Strategy hype, this is, undoubtedly, a very costly lesson. A fortune was spent with little to exhibit for it.

Excluding Longshots led to a Hot Number Strategy disaster. You see, including Longshots is important to any viable lottery strategy because, on the average, kredikartborcutaksit 25% to 40% of the winning numbers are Longshots! You heard me right; 25% to 40%.

This has been true for each lottery in the US and Canada for over 20 years. That’s when I started analyzing them. The percentage varies from lottery to lottery as the size of the lotteries change. For instance, the percentage is higher for a 6/52 lottery than it’s for a 6/44 lottery. But, you are able to rest assured that lottery number pattern is really as solid as a rock.

It is simple for one to verify this. Well, maybe without an excellent lottery software package, not too simple. But, in any event, this is actually the approach. List all the lottery numbers that have Hit in the last 10 drawings for every single lottery drawing. Any lottery number not in the list must certanly be a Longshot. Count how many winning numbers within the next drawing that were Longshots. Do this for your lottery history. In the event that you average how many Longshots that were winners, you may find the solution lies approximately 25 and 40 percent.

How can you take advantage of these records? Let’s assume that the solution you got was 30%, then, on the average, 30% of the winning numbers within the next drawing would be Longshots. If you were playing a 6/48 lottery, what this means is that you should expect 1.8 winning numbers to be Longshots. (30% x 6 = 1.8) Needless to say, this doesn’t happen every drawing but it’s unwaveringly persistent over time. For instance, in Lotto Texas, at the very least 1 of the winning numbers is a Longshot 89% of times! In other words, you are able to count on it.

This shows why the Hot Number Strategy practitioners wasted so much money. On the average, their play lists were coming up 1.8 numbers short. This will need to have been (and still is) very frustrating for the players by using this weak lottery strategy.

A number of you’re, undoubtedly, asking tips on how to take advantage of Longshot when you play. Continuing with the example above, it’s very simple. Let’s say you determine to pare down a 48 number lottery to a 37 number play list with the help of lottery analysis software.

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Instagram Marketing, Pro’s along with Con’s

When looking to bring in more clients, people turn to social media. While true, lots of websites and business owners forget about Instagram as it’s a smaller operation when compared with other sites. However, this is a mistake, and a smart entrepreneur needs to make use of Instagram if he or she wants to get more clients. With this in your mind, there are a few drawbacks. Here are three pros and three cons of using Instagram.


An image is valuable: As is usually said, a picture may be worth one thousand words. Consider it, when managing a company, one may wish to use images showing off their product or service. This really is especially important when selling food, fat loss products or any other items that people love to look at and enjoy. However, you can take it further and showcase travel destinations or a variety of things. Simply put, that is one of the finest strategies for using Instagram for business as a picture will really show visitors the actual value of a product or service.

Viral: Certainly, with all the Internet to promote a product, service or idea, one will need it to go viral. If a niche site or idea goes viral, one can make a lot of money and find plenty of new and excited visitors. Free Likes Instagram For this reason, when utilizing Instagram, one needs to ensure they supply true value to a visitor. Then, and only then, you can see the photo go viral, which will result in lots of new visitors to the site.

They do the work for the organization: Finally, as stated, when one shares an image using their friends and so on, it may go viral. Not just that, when utilizing Instagram, but the followers may also do all of the work. Provided a company offers an appealing photo, it will likely go viral. In the end, you ought to follow the best strategies for using Instagram for business. That way, the followers is going to do the legwork.


Younger crowd: Now, when looking to get new clients, one will usually wish to pursue an older crowd. Yes, while lots of teenagers and teenagers use Instagram, not them all have the money to spend. However, you can find chances to get them hooked and finding its way back when they are older. Either way, when looking to find the best strategy for Instagram, one must remember that not all people can set down any cash.

Not business-minded: When following their favorite celebrity online, lots of people aren’t enthusiastic about anything but wasting idle time. Meaning, while on Instagram, lots of people are only trying to pass a while on the train and have no intention of spending any money.

Not household name: While famous brands Facebook and Twitter are famous, lots of people don’t even know about Instagram. This really is changing, but not quickly, and a smart entrepreneur should realize he or she needs to check out the best strategy for Instagram if they wish to find success as it’s never as easy as using other social media marketing sites.

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A Course in Miracles Is usually Brotherhood.

One of the prominent themes in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is about others being your brother. In theory, this sounds really good but it could be difficult to put into practice. It is a very important factor to love your brother when they’re being lovable; but it’s quite another to love them when they’re not. When you make a judgment they’ve done something amiss or harmed you in some way, you won’t be willing to generally share love with them. The ego will judge them not worthy of love because they have caused you harm. This comes from the initial separation and not being worthy of God’s love. You cannot share with another what you think you do not have.

ACIM is clear: No error has occurred. No separation has happened. As you visually see another body, you assume (judgment) this person is significantly diffent, and difference means separation to the ego mind. The illusion of a separate identity is thus made real. Specialness now exists freeing the ego to generate a God who’ll “give” you the special love the other vengeful God denied during the sin of the initial separation. Specialness also also includes your brothers whom the ego uses replace the love of the vengeful God.

What does it try see another as your brother ? Let’s breakdown the components but be aware that even with one of these understandings, it will come down to your willingness to release judgment and doing the actual work of undoing the ego.

Special Relationships:

These special relationships replace the love of God. They can be love or hate relationships, but either way, they’re based on the “wrong” or “right” mind of the ego. If you do one little thing an ego judges wrong, it goes from love to hate faster compared to the blink of an eye. To believe God would do this really is to believe the lie of the ego that God is vengeful and He attacks a course in miracles You’d only attack others because you imagine exactly the same lie about yourself. These are judgments you must be willing to hand over for correction (forgiveness). Only the ego judges and attacks. You’re not your ego.

Absolutely all relationships are special and soon you choose to produce them Holy. You cannot see others as your brother if you’re involved in judgment and projection. The darkness blinds you to their light along with your own. Holy Relationships are employed by the Holy Spirit for correction of your brain (forgiveness). This makes the decision to see another as a brother an event which becomes real.

The only way any relationship becomes a Holy Relationship is, for at least one of you, to be practicing forgiveness. Seeing someone as a brother means doing this even if you are alone in the connection willing to relinquish judgment. What you do as cause will soon be your effect.


Another favorite employed by the ego to stop you from seeing another as your brother is to utilize your own personal specialness as a way to increase separation. So long as you see yourself as better, or different, you’re considered special. God’s special love will shine on you since you be noticeable by being unique.

Examples: Taller versus shorter. College degree(s) versus uneducated. Good looking versus ugly. Wealthy versus poor. Healthy versus sick.

The list continues and on and remember that each side is a trick as both are still the ego mind. You can be unique because of one’s illness just as much as having your health. Remember, the ego’s judgments are one or the other. It knows no other way.

ACIM clearly points out that you’ve to give up all judgments of others and everything in this world if you intend to go home. So long as you judge yourself or others as being special, or even different, you won’t see everyone as being a brother. Specialness, by definition, is separation as it allows you to unique. Only sameness and oneness exist in Heaven and your brothers are all the same. Judgment hides this from you.

Forgiveness and Guilt:

The Course also makes clear that what you see in another is a projection of your own guilt and therefore, the thing you need to forgive in yourself. Judgment of a brother keeps you from knowing yourself directly as it distracts you from utilizing your decision maker capabilities for correction. The tirade of judgments is merely showing you what you think you’re: A judgmental ego. Everytime you judge, this is exactly what you say you are. You deny your own personal truth.

It is really quite easy: Look at your judgments of a brother. Your light and theirs are hidden in judgment. You don’t see what you keep hidden in judgment. Be willing to withdraw from projection and judgment and hand them over to the Holy Spirit for correction (forgiveness). That is carrying it out and utilising the decision maker to find the other side of the split mind.

Hand over all judgments and soon you receive correction (forgiveness) and you will see this to be true. You’ll see another as a brother when judgment about them is gone. At that point, separation doesn’t exist since they are viewed as the same. Heaven is sameness and oneness.

We’re all Brothers:

Your decision maker is a neutral observer whose mechanism is founded on action. The concept is not enough. You are able to talk all you need; but putting it into practice is the only thing that produces a difference. Choosing to release judgments of a brother , especially during the days you never want to, is how you will come to see them as brothers.

The sole true type of difference you can make is to change your perceptions of others back again to True Perception. You have to do this while in a body. Here’s some criteria to keep in mind:

To judge a brother for not putting into practice spiritual principles means you must go back to the sections on forgiveness and guilt, and specialness. Begin from there with your personal judgments about them not doing what you think they will on the path. Hand the judgments over for correction (forgiveness) so you may be the entire light of God that shows them the way. To judge them for not putting the ideas into practice is how you feel about yourself. Ensure you relinquished all judgment towards others.

To judge a brother and project blame, anger and attack means you must just start from that place. Withdraw from conscious attack and go back to your decision maker. If you prefer peace, be willing to hand those judgments over for correction. We’re all in this together so where you start makes no difference. Anyone judging you is showing their reality just when you are showing yours when you judge. Work on turning over judgments from the degree of mind where you find yourself. That’s presence of mind.

Irrespective of where you stand, if you intend to see others as your brother , it all begins with you making your decision to see the truth. Do it sometimes, and you see it sometimes. Take action always, and you see it in all ways. Today, you imagine in separation which means you won’t have the ability to see through the illusion of the ego’s darkness and soon you take decision making action. Who you truly are is not hurt by a brother ; and you’ve not hurt them. Only the ego claims to be injured and pours salt on the wound. It’s called guilt.

We all have exactly the same wants, needs, problems and goals and our brothers walk beside us as heavenly companions in this world. See them as judgments and they’ll behave as such. See them as Holy, and you will see God reflected back at you. All that stands in your path is you handing over every judgment about a brother all the time.

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Best Skin Cleansing Help If anyone else is with their 20s

People in their twenties generally have healthy and radiant skin. This can be a period in life where you are moving far from teenage years with fluctuating hormones, yet the skin cell renewal continues to be progressive to provide you with continuous glow. However, most of the twenty-somethings are combating acne because the oil glands are fairly active.

Skin cleansing is the most important step in your daily skincare only at that time. The reason being the skin cell turn over rate is fast enough to constantly reveal new, healthy skin layers. By properly washing see your face with your preferred facial cleanser, you have done 50 percent of the skincare regimen.

Here is the skin cleansing guide for folks in twenties:

1. For normal or dry skin, wash see your face with a mild facial cleanser with a pH below seven. A cosmetic cleanser with pH 5.5 is the absolute most ideal to maintain a pH-balanced skin. Whenever your skin is pH balanced, it is healthy, calm, and less likely to be irritated.

2. For oily or acne-prone skin, it is effective to select a facial cleanser with ingredients such as for example benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acids or alpha-hydroxy acids. pixnor facial cleansing brush & massager These ingredients can help break down and remove excess oil. There is a misconception, however, that skin needs to be squeaky clean after washing. In reality, over-cleaning skin puts the oil glands in overdrive to make more oil to be able to compensate for lost lipids on the surface.

3. Exfoliating provides extra aid in your skincare regimen. It removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells to prevent pore-clogging. You should use an exfoliating cleanser containing round soft grains or perhaps a chemical exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acid or fruit enzymes. Exfoliating may also improve the absorption of lotion or cream of one’s skincare.

4. Almost everyone understands that using sunscreen help prevent sunburn and skin damage. But lots of people neglect the significance of thoroughly washing away sunscreen. The residue of sunscreen left on skin can clog pore and cause whiteheads or blackheads. In the event that you used sunscreen strong enough to provide you with a sticky feeling (even it is oil-free), use makeup remover to remove the residue before washing your face.

5. A good skin cleansing trick is to employ a deep cleansing mask once a week. A heavy cleansing mask can eliminate the grime from the skin left by makeup, sweating, lotion, sunscreen and the metabolic by-products. Applying the mask is a good solution to clear up the pore at the comfort of your own home.

Although it seems like plenty of work, as soon as you make skin cleansing twice a day as a routine, it is really as natural as brushing you teeth. A cleaned face not just brings well-being to skin, in addition, it brings about radiant appearance. What have you been waiting for?

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IKEA Store Locator — Be able to Chose the Just one In your area

Besides include IKEA looked into everything you could would desire with regard to pieces of furniture, equipments in addition to features with the property in addition to company they have likewise idea you should definitely not learn the place there’re found. It is dealt with while using the IKEA Retail store Locator services. That is a in particular very helpful services if you have simply just migrated in addition to ought to purchase many objects with regards to households.

IKEA possesses occurrence in numerous places like YOU, GREAT BRITAIN, The us and naturally native Scandinavian places IKEA Netanya opening hours That can help a client are able to most of these destinations, this services helps that you receive driving a car recommendations on their cellular phone or maybe find the particular position on the most adjacent IKEA retail store on the web page. In the exact location usually are retail store destinations with an individual’s unique spot. With dialling the volume of this most adjacent retail store, just one obtains recommendations through to the best way to get you aren’t are able to this retail store.

A different choice to easily picking out the retail store is usually accessing cost-free application from the net. This get has atlases in addition to route in addition to neighborhood recommendations and so anybody can simply just abide by most of these so that this retail store. Anybody can often get this IKEA retail store locator application on their cellular phone or maybe computer system.

A different solution is usually using GPS UNIT locators. Most of these are available completely ready built in in many car or truck products and may make it possible for just one uncover almost any position. Instant GPS UNIT locators will also be obtained as a stand alone by outlets in addition to utilised identical technique. Just one solely should enter in this label on the area many people are searhing for and they’ll possibly be well guided at this time there having recommendations in addition to atlases.

To discover of which cover a location grown into, purely heap the blueprint within the IKEA property planning software a part of the site, visit or maybe dial to search for the most adjacent retail store and you may before long possibly be marveling for the complete effects.

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Allow Ones Service Having Biden T Shirts

Throughout the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, he chose Joe Biden as his vice president to operate in the election with him. Ever since then, there has been companies making merchandise for the supporters of Joe Biden, such as for example Biden mugs, magnets, and posters. However, a Biden t shirt appears to be typically the most popular among the supporters, because more people (everyone which they pass in the store or on the street) will know which president and vice president candidates they are in support of.

Giving your support for the candidates of your decision is something nearly everybody wants to complete, but they only aren’t sure how exactly to start getting what they would like to give their support. Well, when you use the net, you can search and find something that you want. This goes for supportive products for the presidential election as well. All that you must do is key in what you are searching for into a research engine online, and you can get 1000s of results in a blink of an eye. In this instance, searching for Biden t shirts with Yahoo! will actually give you a couple million results. Most of the results come from websites which are specialized in only selling merchandise for Joe Biden, however many is going to be selling products in support of Barack Obama as well. There will also be some website results which are for sites where individuals are available their new or used merchandise to those who want to purchase it. A good example of a niche site like this really is eBay.

When trying to choose which site that you intend to shop from, the best way to make a decision would be to click on several and skim through them. All the time, the very best site to select is one that seems to have the most merchandise, because you then do have more Biden t shirts to select from. However, only shopping from site is not the only path that you’ve to start it, because it is not uncommon for shoppers to purchase products from several different sites. It is no unique of finding a very important factor in one of your neighborhood stores and then another in a different store. Joe Biden T-Shirts The only reason that you may want to produce your purchase from the exact same site is basically because they’ll usually pack it altogether, whereas, if you purchase from several different ones, you must buy shipping from each of the websites.

Once you do a seek out Biden t shirts on the web to exhibit your support for his campaign, don’t be surprised to get merchandise that is anti-Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Not as many folks buy merchandise from these sites, because a lot of people want merchandise that may support their candidates of choice. The bottom line is that you can find all the supportive products you want online, if it be Biden t shirts, mugs, posters, magnets, as well as products that support both Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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Online Movie Rental – What Movie Viewers Want

Consumers have several options in regards to viewing movies at home. Two of typically the most popular are renting movies at the neighborhood video store and renting movies via an on line service. An informal survey was recently conducted on a home electronics/entertainment site about the movie viewing habits of website visitors. The outcome pointed to a number of the misconceptions that also exist about online rental of DVDs by consumers that have not yet tried the service.

Participants in the survey were asked several questions, including how often they watch movies in the home, whether they rent movies online, and if not, why. Nearly 28% of the responding indicated they rent movies online. Of the remainder, the absolute most frequently cited reason for not utilizing an online movie rental service was concern which centered around the perception that online movie rental would be higher priced than the neighborhood video store. When looking at a couple of scenarios it becomes evident which method tends to be more affordable.

For individuals who indicated they watch only 1 to 3 movies each month the savings from renting online are small. Renting 2 movies each month at the neighborhood video store would average around $7.40 whereas renting from Netflix for instance, ดูหนังออนไลน์เต็มเรื่อง should they chose the program that has a control of 2 movies each month, would run $5.99. After getting a video at the neighborhood store the user would have overnight or simply seven days to come back the movie but an on line rental would allow them to keep the movie for an unlimited period of time.

For those individuals who responded they view 1-3 movies each week, the savings would be more significant. For instance, renting 8 movies each month would run around $29.55 at the neighborhood store and as little as $14.99 online should they find the “2 out at the same time” plan or $17.99 for the “3 out at the same time” plan. As viewing increases so does the likelihood of experiencing greater savings.

For individuals who responded they view 4 movies each week (averaged out to 16 per month) the common cost at the neighborhood store would be $59.04 while online rental would be $23.99 allowing the user “4 out at the same time “.Renting through a service like Netflix generally does not limit exactly how many movies a person views but alternatively, exactly how many movies they can have out at any given time. Therefore rentals are just about unlimited with most of the plans.

The 2nd most often cited reason for not utilizing online movie rental services was that the patient rented movies on the spur of as soon as and did not plan ahead. Certainly renting movies online and receiving them through the mail would not allow anyone to decide at 6:00 p.m. that they wish to see The Queen and receive it so that they can be viewing the movie by 8:00 p.m. However, the delay for receiving movies selected through the mail is only 1 business day which would seem sufficient in most instances.

The continuing future of DVD rental may be changing however as Netflix announced in early 2007 that customers would now have the choice of watching movies instantly via a streaming service that’s available these days for some movies. The service should really be quicker than most download services as streaming allows viewing of the movie because it is streamed as opposed to waiting until download is complete. Although a full transition from the current mail delivery system to a download kind of service will take time, it’s clear that immediacy will simply continue to improve. It would appear that other online movie rental services would follow suit in coming years in order to compete.

Consumers who’ve not been initiated into the web movie rental world also may be unaware of other benefits/features of such services.

* Greater selection- A normal video store has 10,000 to 15,000 titles available whereas the Netflix online movie rental service has over 80,000. This might seem to remove the issue of consumers coming to the store only to get that there’s nothing there they really want to see.

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The Song of Prayer From A Course in Miracles


While most of us have been brought up to believe that prayer involves pleading to God to greatly help, save, fix problems and bring us things in this world, that’s not the case prayer nor its purpose. Prayer in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is fairly different and very beautiful. Greater than a song, it’s joyous exchange of Love and thanks between God and His Creations that employs the forgiveness process to correct your brain before the Prayer Song is all that remains. Oahu is the ticket home so understanding true prayer, and forgiveness, is worth the amount of time in retraining the mind.

Prayer is exchanging (sharing) a Song of Love and Creation or judgments of the ego based on what you request (agree with) in the mind. There’s no other way. In the Course, your brain (content) is split between God and the ego; and you are choosing constantly with an area as reason for effect.

Forms (all things of this world) are miscreations reflecting the ego’s judgmental thought system. We’ve caused it to be up (miscreated this world) and will give it up anytime by correcting your brain (forgiveness). True prayer requires this correction of your brain as God has nothing related to forms.

What Prayer is Not:

As you are usually deciding, what you request whenever you pray is what counts. Once you plead in prayer to own God fix a questionnaire problem with another form problem, you are asking the ego mind for help (not God). Those forms and needs are deemed more important than God’s Love that’ll remain hidden to the degree you decide on the illusion.

All external things (forms) are needs. Other labels are wants, desires, status, problems, sickness, human love (special relationships), gifts and goals in this world, etc. acim audio hey’re what you choose as substitutes for God’s Love and the ego will distort the goal of prayer by using them to help expand the illusion. Therefore, prayer can’t be about “forms” or “needs” in just about any way.

The Intent behind Prayer:

The Song of Prayer is defined by the Course as a Song of Creation, Love and gratitude being sung from the Father to the Son and returned from the Son to the Father. God gave this gift of Like to His Son at Creation to ensure that it is a single voice shared by both the Creator and Created. Continuously sharing Love and Creation back and forth extends them forever in eternity. That’s prayer’s purpose.

Within this form world of illusion, this prayer remains something special from God offered through the Holy Spirit, the memory of God in the mind. It’s the way you reach God in the illusion. Whoever has ever remembered the tiniest instant of this all-inclusive joy must begin questioning what he’s choosing (praying for) and how to alter his mind so they can have that the time.

True Prayer and Forgiveness:

True prayer is: (1) asking to get what’s already there, The Song; and, (2) as you go along, using forgiveness (correction of the mind) to quit the ego forms or what’s not necessarily there. Joining with Love in true prayer is asking for nothing (i.e., no illusion, forms or needs) so you wind up receiving everything (Love). One problem. One solution.

Forgiveness (correction of the mind) is part of true prayer and makes the method go quicker. Prayer is timeless and goes on forever, and forgiveness may be the illusory ladder over time that returns your brain to this endless exchange. Forgiveness disappears once the mind is totally corrected and remembers only The Song.

The big secret of true prayer and forgiveness is always to pay attention to disregarding and stopping the things you believe you want and need in the illusion, even the specifics, as this wants your brain to be returned to Truth (Love). You are not furthering the illusion. You are agreeing with God that (a) you are a head; (b) this form world is not real; (c) you made a blunder; and, (d) you can choose again.

Using correction of your brain (forgiveness) places those forms and needs on God’s altar, or in his hands, as idols which are only anything you have chosen to be much more important than God’s Love. No longer wanting anything before His Love, the only real effect God could return is your remembrance of Him. The more you stop trying, the more meaningless the world becomes and the faster you sing His Song.

Prayer in the Illusion:

Since your brain still resides with God, the Course says you don’t have to determine alone and should ask the Holy Spirit for help deciding and await the answer. Otherwise, you’ve already decided with the ego. If you must come to a decision immediately, you’ll get the right “need” answer right then.

A solution is an echo of God’s Voice from the Song of Prayer. You’re not asking for the echo itself. You are choosing the gift of Love from The Song by stopping all form needs. “Need” answers in the illusion are contained within that echo even through the correction of your brain process. They’re met at the level of the forgiveness ladder you can understand and accept.

The Ladder of Forgiveness:

At the bottom of the ladder, it’s exactly about asking for needs to be met and withdrawing your projections from others. It is here now you must begin to find out that all forgiveness is self forgiveness (correcting your own personal mind) and is practiced in exactly the same order as projected.

The ladder of forgiveness is an illusion as you’re not forgiving anyone except yourself. All you are really doing is “stopping” what you don’t want (in the mind) that you’ve projected “available” into form.

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Satellite Radio – Dedicated Music Channels

Many satellite radio fans see that dedicated music channels are one of the greatest advantages provided by this new trend in technology. Sirius, one of many two major satellite radio providers, offers a wealth of dedicated music channels that are great for music fans that just cannot seem to obtain enough of their favorite groups.

One option is a channel that is dedicated solely to the Grateful Dead. Like all music channels, this channel is completely commercial free and operates 24-hours per day. Which means no matter what time of the day or night you turn to that channel you will are able to savor the top of the Grateful Dead as well as specialty programming about the iconic group that is not available anywhere else.

The Grateful Dead; however, isn’t the only real group that’s received a passionate satellite radio music channel. Elvis Radio is another high popular channel. In fact, it’s the only real official radio channel in the world dedicated to broadcasting all-Elvis Presley programming. Programming is broadcast live from Graceland. From early years to Elvis classics and his comebacks are played on All-Elvis. Listeners may even listen to live tracks and rarities that are difficult to get anywhere else.

Other groups and musicians which have received dedicated music channels include Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, George Straight and The Who.

Recently it had been announced that Sirius will once again dedicate a channel to the Rolling Stones as part of the release of’Shine a Light ‘; a Scorsese film. ترددات النايل سات Not only can listeners manage to enjoy fabulous hits of the Rolling Stones but additionally interviews with band members as well. Like most of the dedicated music channels on Sirius, Rolling Stones Radio will air for a restricted time only. Broadcasting will become on March 18th and last through April 15th.

Previously, Sirius has additionally offered music channels that were dedicated to providing music for special events and holidays. During the Christmas season, three different music channels were dedicated entirely to holiday music. A complete channel was also dedicated to the artists and personalities who helped to shape and influence African-American music during Black History Month. Lionel Richie, Charlie Wilson, LL Cool J and numerous others were featured on the channel through the month the music channel ran.

Satellite radio has become extremely popular in the last few years due to the quantity of exclusive programming and entertainment that simply can’t be found elsewhere. Dedicated music channels are just an example of the initial content and programming which satellite radio offers over traditional AM/FM radio.

Satellite Radio Family Programming

Don’t believe that SIRIUS and XM are adults-only medium, enthusiastic about shock jocks and edgy comedians. There is enough of family-friendly content designed for both providers. While satellite radio has allowed for more free speech than conventional radio has ever attempted (since analog radio is controlled by numerous sponsors and consumers groups) they’ve also managed to produce numerous shows and channels meant for children and families. Consider some of their most popular programming that is suited to all ages.

SIRIUS made headlines by acquiring Martha Stewart’s input for a brand new channel called Martha Stewart Living Radio, as well as high profile political commentators like Bill Press, Michael Reagan, Bill Bennett, Lynn Samuels and G. Gordon Liddy. They have also secured relates to celebrity musicians for exclusive music channels from such talents as Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett and Rolling Stones Radio. SIRIUS radio has additionally led just how in original Christian programming with gospel music channels like Spirit and Praise and the FamilyNet Radio channel, covering Christian lifestyle talk.

There are also channels dedicated to health and medical information such as for example Doctor Radio, as well as children’s programming from the Radio Disney Channel and Kids Stuff. You may also reminisce with the RadioClassics old time radio channel or sample sports programming from the Sirius NFL Radio channel, the Sports Play-by-Play 1 or the ESPNEWS channel. Recently, SIRIUS announced plans for a video service called Backseat TV, which will feature streaming video from three family-oriented channels in Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network Mobile. This may allow backseat drivers to savor a good show while individuals drive onto the destination. This is a great way to keep the kids entertained!

What about the XM channel? XM offers more options in the way of family entertainment, including children’s channels like Radio Disney and XM kids as well as family comedy shows like Laugh USA. There are also general entertainment channels to think about like Oprah & Friends, a self-help talk station, E! Entertainment Radio and XM Live for the latest news. There is also the Sonic Theater channel, which features audiobooks and radio dramas as well as the Radio Classics channel, which delivers old time radio to longtime listeners.

In the coming years, listeners may have a lot more options for family entertainment, including the capability to customize their particular stations and block adult programming. SIRIUS and XM are even discussing a brand new deal that will allow users to decide on only 50 channels of their choice for a low price, as opposed to paying a full subscription price and getting 200+ channels.

The family-friendly option the firms will work on enables subscribers to block adult programming and actually receive a price credit because of their decision, meaning they can save additional money or order another channel instead of the blocked one. This is called “a manhunter carte programming” and will debut shortly, following the official merger. Both providers offer the best of radio programming today, whether you are looking for adult fun or fun for your family.

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Prodoscore™ is a SaaS company leading the way in employee visibility software

Prodoscore™ is a SaaS company leading the way in employee visibility software. The solution empowers teams to be more effective and productive, validated with improved sales performance and cost savings.

Prodoscore’s software simplifies management of employees both in-office and remote, delivering powerful business intelligence and offering deep insights into Employee Productivity. The tool helps companies measure, understand, and improve employee productivity across the entire organization.

With visibility into daily activity in the form of a single, easy to understand productivity score – a Prodoscore – the solution provides actionable insights based on usage of key business applications companies already use. Prodoscore measures thousands of daily activity points across business applications that sales teams use each day, including customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, office applications like G Suite and Office365 as well as various CRM systems and VoIP calling platforms. Most recently, Prodoscore launched an integration with LinkedIn using the Google Chrome Extension. The company’s technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help user organizations discover opportunities for profitability through Actionable Analytics™ that remove the guesswork from managing teams.

One of the dominant differentiators for Prodoscore is the ability to help leaders build trust across teams, no matter where they’re located. Enabling remote teams has become even more relevant today as we consider the future of work. The benefits of remote work are many and with a tool like Prodoscore, leaders can ensure accountability and transparency.

Users also report improvements in revenue results, increased cloud tool adoption, enhanced coaching and higher employee retention. Simply implementing a visibility tool can change employee behavior, and in the case of Prodoscore, the impact is always positive. Contrary to applications focused around spying or monitoring employees, Prodoscore aggregates data that already exists and creates transparency. Employees putting in the work feel more at ease knowing that their managers have a direct line of sight into their efforts, and managers can very quickly identify opportunities for coaching.

Organizations have traditionally measured performance using lagging indicators, like percent to quota and revenue. Leading indicators, such as activity, are input oriented and much easier to influence. By measuring leading indicators, leaders can impact results. Activity is the most accurate measure of engagement, which ultimately produces the end result.

The solution can be implemented in as little as 15 minutes and has no impact to the end user. Leveraging SSO, Prodoscore maintains the highest level of cloud security and ties into any API-based application. Data is automatically pulled daily.
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